The Artists that were brought together by Soul City Arts to create the Strong Rooms:


Anand Chhabra’s work ethic is based in trying to tell stories in a series of images or even just a single image. This is at the very heart of his photographic practice, the excitement that is generated in putting images that come together. Largely his work is centered on people and his style finds its way in portraiture and fine art documentary photography.

Interview with Anand Chabra – Curiousities of Dudley



Matt Parker is an audiovisual composer and sound artist working with and producing archives that amplify hidden connections between every-day technology and the environment. His work is influenced by the sonosphere, unsound, ecology, the economy of noise, infrastructure studies and the internet. He has a Masters in Music Technology from Birmingham Conservatoire, is the winner of the Deutsche Bank Creative Prize in Music 2014, winner of New Art West Midlands 2016, was shortlisted for the Aesthetica International Art Prize 2015 and was artist in residence at Bletchley Park in 2015.

Interview with Matt Parker – The Imitation Archive



Redhawk Logistica’s work calls into question the individual’s relationship with the public places of our everyday lives. Public space has become contested space and the general public’s ability to inhabit it, as citizens rather than consumers, is increasingly under challenge. Redhawk Logistica (aka Rob Hewitt) aim to contribute to contemporary culture through interventions and projects that engage people in a dialogue about the possibilities of public space.

Interview with Redhawk Logistica – Horn of Plenty (Cornocopia)

Interview with Redhawk Logistica – The Book of Unknown Thieves

Interview with Redhawk Logistica – The Lost Posters


Shaheen’s practice is research led; creating artwork that has elements of narrative and sense of belonging. Currently, she is working with maps by cutting, carving, layering, hammering, weaving and stitching onto them. Shaheen creates 3D paper sculptures, using an eight fold geometric pattern as a starting point. This pattern is used in the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. Its historical significance allows Shaheen to claim ownership to a culture she was unaware existed within Europe.

Interview with Shaheen Ahmed – Zouaves Standing



Melanie is passionate about creating visual narratives involving marginalized spaces and communities, both human and natural. She is fascinated by spaces which are often neglected, found hidden between urban and rural places, often overgrown yet full of life. Often people meet here, wildlife thrives and they are strange, fragile, magical corridors which can be seen as metaphors for transformation, changing identities, memory and experience.

Interview with Melanie Tomlinson – The Writing Desk



Shaun Evoke Welch is labelled a word wizard who has co-produced and performed in theatre productions including 8sixteen32, My Love for Hip Hop, Things That Can’t Be Said, Home Free, Punani Nights,Beyond Belief and many more. His attitude towards art is one of respect and appreciation for all creative expression, whether it be spoken word, MCing or visual arts. He perceives himself as a free-spirited artist, with skills in writing, performing and acting and believes there is always room to do more.


Described as not just an artist but also a cultural anthropologist and dub-griot, Kokumo uses his skills as a singer/songwriter and a dub-poet to capture his audience, whilst taking them on a cultural, spiritual and political journey. Hailed from the parish better known as the cockpit country in rural Jamaica, seems to have contributed to the powerful voice that allows his words to take flight.


Steve A Mclean is a creative producer & director working primarily within the visual arts . Over 20 years Mclean has produced / directed more than 70 cultural programs across social and politic subjects. McLean’s expertise is in devising & curating high concept cultural initiatives which enables artists, participants and audiences to access civic issues in new and imaginative ways.


Mohammed Ali is an artist, educator and curator born and raised in the UK. He was best known for creating street-art with meaningful messages that connect people of all faith in multicultural cities across the globe. He has curated the Strong Rooms and worked with a team of artists to curate an immersive experience using two shipping containers as a base.  He is an independent artist as well as artistic director of the arts organisation Soul City Arts